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Place and order through PayPal.com

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If you don't have a PayPal account, please click 'Create a PayPal account' in the order page to checkout via Credit Card.

Visa - Master Card - American - Express - Discover - Euro card

In order to register the application you need to pay the registration fee through the authorized dealers above. After we receive your order we will send you the registration information necessary to unlock the product.

The payment is made via authorized dealer through a secure connection which guarantees your security and the confidentiality of the information that you will post. Your security is guaranteed!

Why Should I Register?

SoftTidier You need to register in order to continue using the application after the trial period has ended
SoftTidier Registered users get free support and minor version updates ( new versions of the product )
SoftTidier Registered users can suggest extra features that they would like to be included in the product
SoftTidier All annoying popup's and registration reminders will be permanently removed.

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